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The RSI Podcast

Oct 1, 2021

Again with overwhelming listener response we are back with more of your questions.  This episode is just Jared and I.  Next guests include Austin "Dale" Quillet and Brittany Grandfield.


Get your questions in now for upcoming episodes.  You ask, we answer!  It's just that easy.  If there is someone you'd like to hear from on the podcast with us feel free to let us know.  Just CLICK HERE to reach us now.


Episode Questions


1)  How do you suggest sedating the mechanically ventilated patient?


2)  Should RSI (not this podcast) be added to the paramedic curriculum?


3)  SGA or ETT in cardiac arrest?  Thoughts?


We can't wait to hear from you!  Austin will be on with us next topics to include human performance and ECMO, among others. If you have questions for him get them in now.