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The RSI Podcast

Feb 27, 2021

Your questions answered today:

  1. I would love to hear you guys kick around utilization of HEMS, more specific over utilization. Potential areas including requests from ground EMS and inter facility alike. Some areas of frequent discussion include occasions of overflying capable facilities to honor the request of a sending hospital. 
  2. I’m a paramedic student 6 months away from graduating and taking my NREMT. I have a passion for learning but also teaching and helping other students. In our systems we do a full semester of preceptorship rides for 275 hours. My question for you all is: How long if any time should someone need to be a paramedic in the field before taking in a student for preceptorship for 275 hours?

  3. What non medical podcasts or books even do you guys tune in to or read? 

The Joe Rogan Experience

Cleared Hot Podcast

The Art of Impossible


The Masterclass

We will have a webpage launching soon.  Look for an announcement on our special episode to come next.  Finally into double digits!  Will be celebrating with some great guests!

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