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The RSI Podcast

Jul 10, 2021

Great episode with Tom!  He will definitely be back.


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1) My question is for Tom, but Jared and Mike please feel free to weigh in. First off, congratulations on your retirement! I have been a paramedic for a while and did not learn 12 lead EKG interpretation during my initial training. I feel like I have a good ability to identify the obvious STEMI findings in a 12 lead like 2 contiguous leads and reciprocal changes. My question is, to build my abilities past this basic understanding what are 3 easy things that I could start adding that might help me to identify high risk patients. I am looking for a good place to start advancing and am not sure where to start.


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2) What is one thing you would tell your rookie self if you had the chance?


3) What do you guys find to be the most important part of an RSI (not Rapid Sequence Interrogation)?


Jared's most recent blog on PreOx


4)  I have taken the time to hone my ECG interpretation skills beyond what I think most paramedics would find rational.  Do you think having an advanced level of ECG interpretation is a "waste of time"?  Why or why not?


5)  Public safety careers are so rewarding that it sometimes seems as though people get to the point that they hate it in order to retire.  What was your experience and what advice do you have for people getting ready to take this step?


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Jared & Mike